Churu Valentine Month Message Contest “Send Message to Your Friend by Churu”

Churu Valentine Month Message Contest “Send Message to Your Friend by Churu”

Churu Special Valentine Month Contest "Send Message to Your Friend by Churu" has just been launched. Winners will get "48packages" of INABA Churu! *This contest was ended at 29th, Feb, 2020. We appreciate that so many Dogs & Cats paricipated!!

All you have to do is "Draw Your Messages to PawFriends or PurrFriends" by Churu and film it, sending it to Photo and/or Video are either fine! Your photo/video will be posted and shared on INABA official site, and our YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Details and procedures are as follows:

【How to film your cat/dog?】

- Photos/Videos taken by smartphones are fine. *Videos should be filmed horizontally on a phone.

- Length of videos should be within 10-15 seconds.

【What kinds of photos/videos?】

- Any adorable, hilarious and heart-warming photos/videos featuring messages to your friends would be welcome! We are looking forward to your original unique, cute, and/or creative messages!

【How to send your photo/video?】

- Just attach your photo/video to email, sending it to:

- Please add name of your cat/dog to email.

【Contest Winners】


- The contents will be competed upon the popularity and qualities of their photos/videos which be selected by the numbers of "Likes" in SNS, with INABA PETFOODS as our judge.


- All the rights of photo/video should belong to INABA PETFOODS. *Don't forget to get your cat's purrmission/dog's pawmission!

- Deadline; Please send your photo/video by 29th, February, 2020.